Saturday, August 30, 2008

EntreBlast Summer Credit Contest

I joined another contest. Details could be found at EntreBlast. Here are the prizes at stake and the list of generous sponsors.
The Prizes

I thought about just having three winners but I don’t think that’s fair. There are 6 EC prizes up for grabs, increasing your chances of winning something!

1st Prize - 17,000 ECs

2nd Prize - 10,000 ECs

3rd Prize - 6,000 ECs

4th Prize - 2,000 ECs

5th & 6th Prizes - 500 ECs

The Sponsors

Time to thank those who have contributed to the contest. Or else, there wouldn’t be nearly this many ECs up for grabs!

5000 ECs

Josh’s Unconventional Marketing Blog
WP Themes Gallery

4000 ECs


2000 ECs

Wordpress Theme Designer

1500 ECs

Whatever I Feel Like Blogging About

1000 ECs

WorldWide Travel Blog

Wedding Cake Hints
Diet Pulpit
Treasure Nature
Bits and Pixels
60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer
Take It To The Limit
My Life At Ninety: Looking Back and Moving On
Twins Happiness
There is Happiness
The Path to the Pegasus Letter

Better Interpersonal Communication

Ez DIY Electricity
Raise the Jolly Roger!

Updated (9/25): This contest is over.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Contest at Indo Contest with loads of prizes

There's a cool contest going on at Indo Contest. Check it out. It ends on August 17.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The contest start on today August 1st until August 17th. Here the list:

Winner #1:

Winner #2:

Winner #3:

Winners #4:

Winner #5:

Visit Indo for more details on the contest.